Loss Vegas Charity Flash Sale for Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Today we go live collaborating with Rope.lol in our flash sale of the cinematic masterpiece titled “Blood and Thunder” priced at 1 Ethereum and 69 available. Not only is the animation world class (Duh) it’s animated to a custom song mixed by us while spending an embarrassing amount of hours animating. Already nominated for an Oscar we’ve also got other great news. Loss Vegas and Rope have both decided to up the ante on donations so what started as 30% to MDA for muscular degenerative diseases is now 60%. The remaining 40% will be used strictly to help us get the development for lossvegas.io off the ground. This has been a project evolving for years so not to make a sales pitch but it’s a pretty legit sales pitch. You are helping fund research for diseases that have personally affected our loved ones and probably yours too. In addition, you’re helping a nerd achieve a dream locked in his room scheming for years getting religiously dunked on. Thousands of annoying emails usually ending in a “Go fuck yourself” networking with aspirations to create something new/fun through Blockchain. Jokes on them… We’re pesky little persistent bastards. Those looking past us will regret it eventually. If we told you the contacts we’ve made, and frequently talk to; you wouldn’t believe us. Bullet out of a gun determination boys and girls. If that doesn’t make you feel guilty enough to spend your ETH then I hope you go buy some wash traded worthless NFTs from BitBoy Crypto. Jk. But not really. This growing group of hip nerds won’t stop until this cinematic masterpiece is worth a quadrillion dollars or whatever is the standard of value in the near future. (Like Gold or something… JK BOOMER. GOLD SUCKS! LOSER!)

*Proper English accent* Nevertheless I digress. Attrocious promotion of our flash sale ad nauseam to those of you interested… perhaps… ends in a clairvoyant event of serendipity? Surely would be… exhilarating. Irrevocable success selling this limited… How do you Yankees say? NFT? Should get the Loss Vegas developer lads riled up to “Fuckin’ rage” or… Oh rats…Excuse me… Oblivious hindrance has afflicted my English eloquence. I believe they mentioned it would get the team what they needed to “Wreck tits on Hollywood productions”? Ok. Enough of English man. You get the point. Our production team has worked on quite a few blockbuster animation you’ve heard of. Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train your Dragon, and even Star Wars. Alongside this sort of skill comes a more than doable break even price tag for production. That’s why we also will shamelessly plug our upcoming auction. Our 2019 mural titled, “Sucker’s Rally”. This will be happening in a few weeks again alongside Gigachad Rope devs, additionally we’ll be donating to MDA again. An accumulation of Blockchain/Crypto, and current events during 2019 the mural is destined to be revered in the digital world like a piece created by the resurrected Michelangelo. Here at Loss Vegas Productions during one lunch break reincarnation was achieved through code. Bringing back Michelangelo for a cheeky cartoon commission seemed like a deeeece idea. He did a deece job so we’ll also be sending the physical piece by literally taking it off the dude’s wall who I guess illustrated and created this LV concept. Rumor has it… mural was left by his bed to look at before going to sleep for trippy dreams. Stupid hippy. (Fact checkers determined this statement to be true). Burned onto metal with gas using a brand new technique called dye sublimation whoever places the winning bid hold the best holiday gift this century. We wanted to show collectors how insane the quality of our printing method is fully anticipating uncontrollable erections. We apologize in advance. We’re sorry. I’m sorry… We’re really sorry. No really… Sooorrryyyyy.

High gloss finish makes the piece jump. Digital image doesn’t do the physical print justice.

Jokes aside, this 1/1 print could be yours in physical and digital NFT form in a few weeks when we launch the auction at Rope.lol We’d sincerely appreciate those who participate. If bidding on the auction is not for you but you know collectors bring them along. These pieces will be worth it. One heck of a holiday gift to end a complete dog-shit 2020 year on a high note. Our project intentions are to give back the most we can while still being able to launch our dream.

Looking forward we will be auctioning our prized possession. 2018 mural “Loss Vegas” inspiring the blockchain production upon launch of our platform. In similar fashion as “Sucker’s Rally” 1/1 physical and digital NFT. This will be to finalize the initial funding to our project. Stay tuned, keep an eye on our project to help us help change the creative process of productions into a lucrative collaborative blast for everyone.

Degenerates enthusiastically embraced.

Don’t forget to tell every NFT collector you know, or we hate you.


“Blood and Thunder” Flash sale https://rope.lol/

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Community written animated series where users own the show, and creativity is handsomely rewarded. Only possible with blockchain.